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Children's Wellness

Chiropractic care for children offers your family a solid foundation for wellness.


Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, the chiropractic lifestyle offers choices and benefits for your greater health and well-being. These articles will help you understand the importance of the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.

The subject of children is of special concern to us personally.


Every year, we see a steady decline in the quality of the children's health. Whether in the number of colds, the weight problems many of them have, their being very out of shape or, upon physical examinations, distinct signs of atherosclerosis. Children with allergies and many other chronic health problems are seriously on the increase.

Children are in a special category in every sense of the word.


They are our future. They will be the ones to inherit the positions we now hold. Their ability to function in our society is dependent upon so many influential powers, which, if wrong, can only lead to a serious question about the future.

From a physical standpoint, children are much more easily affected by adverse conditions than adults are. This is because the rate of cellular division and tissue growth is much higher in children. Obviously, this is because they are growing and developing. It is well known that such things as x-rays, alcohol and drugs can do more damage to rapidly dividing and growing cells, which children have in abundance. The faster a cell divides the more potential for adverse affects to occur from foreign elements. The incidence of childhood diseases such as cancer and diabetes is on the rise. There has to be reasons. The not so obvious genetic affects could be showing up in ways we have not yet recognized or want to admit.

Please take time to understand the issues along with solutions to help your child get the start they need to time a long, prosperous life.

Let us consider some areas that our kids could benefit in if we were to seriously consider making some changes. The simple yet very emotional and sometimes devastating subject of acne has affected most kids. Yet to date, modern medicine has yet to have a "cure" for it. That's because contributory causes are misunderstood or overlooked. As we discussed before, the skin is a way for the body to dispose of toxins that are building up within the system. The two aspects of poor nutrition and toxin overload combine to provide plenty of opportunity for acne to develop. The skin, being an eliminatory organ, is sensitive to these toxins and will definitely react to them. This reaction includes rashes and puss pockets as the body tries to break down and eliminate the foreign elements.

Another area, which can contribute to causing acne, is emotions and stress. The relationship between stress levels in a child's life and their likelihood of having acne problems is quite high. Abnormal levels of stress, no matter the cause, will affect the body’s ability to properly function. It often causes the "weak link" in our health to show up.

Another area to consider is chronic colds or infections, which so many kids have. Here again we have the same mechanism behind the problems. Unless the body has the arsenal with which to fight invading "germs," the only result is a weakening of our defenses and sickness. The use of medication to diminish or "cure" the symptoms does nothing to reach the cause. Medication can help with things like pain and inflammation, but remember that the pain and inflammation or flu and infection are NOT a drug or antibiotic deficiency.


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